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Architecture means strength, beauty and performance

Stone is one of the most important parts of architecture.  Espadana company produces, distributes and exports different types of building stones relying on three important keys including stone strength, beauty and performance of buildings. Our company works based on the principles of trust and integrity with its customers. Our records in exporting to different countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Thailand and so on clearly shows our assertion.

Namagaran Company, while being a commercial and economic corporation, is loyal to its own fundamental principles. These principles, in addition to representing the whole view of the company ideology, are extremely appropriate and useful basis so that the customers can make sure about the accuracy of their choice as their own servers. Because we believe that "Our main asset is our customers."

These principles are as follows:

·         Speed, precision and accuracy in meeting customer's needs

·         Fairness and moderation in pricing

·         Providing products and services at competitive prices

·         Customer's satisfaction

·         Straightforwardness while establishing suitable relationships with the customer

·         Accountability for products and services

Namagaran-Arg-espadana is popular as a pioneer company in supplying various types of construction stones. In addition to growing development in stone industry, it also extends the scope of its activities to other building compasses specially design and decoration of internal and external views of buildings (interior and exterior designing). Utilizing up to date technology in informing and marketing, Namagaran-Arg-espadana has conducted its activity in selling various sorts of modern construction stones. Relying on plenty skills and motivation of its managers and staff, it also attempts to immediately and accurately satisfy the customers' needs in much more quality.

The company utilizes expert staffs in management. In other words, a mix of modern business and science is used for its activities.